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Student Academic Society

Iustitia est honore, dignitate, et veritatis.

What does the Student Academic Society do?

Active since 2014, the Student Academic Society of BSU Law Faculty tries to contribute to the development of legal education at the university and in the country in general with its academic legal projects.


The Baku State University Student Law Journal, which has been published by Student Academic Society since 2014, has been included in global indexes and databases for a long time. The ability to write using legal reasoning methods is very important for lawyers. With its law journal, competitions, and research projects, SAS provides opportunities for law students to develop their legal writing skills both academically and practically.

Reasoning and argumentation are key tools of the legal profession. It includes justification, analysis and evaluation of the advanced legal arguments in accordance with the principle of logic. Among the goals of the competitions organized by the Moot Court Society is to encourage the development of students’ legal argumentation skills.

Determining the research question based on the factual circumstances of the case and obtaining a suitable conclusion by describing the facts in an appropriate manner is the basis of legal analysis. Legal analysis is effectively used when solving various legal problems posed by students in competitions organized by the Student Academic Society.

Legal research is one of the initial stages of the legal writing process, and it is an answer to the research question as a result of examining the legal literature related to the research question, as well as the selective application of the relevant legal norm. Through the Junior Legal Scholars Research Assistant Program, students can develop their knowledge and skills at this level.

The Student Law Journal has been indexed in the world’s largest legal database HeinOnline since 2015 and is the only Journal in the country to achieve this. Arbitration and mediation competitions were also organized by the Student Academic Society for the first time in the country.

Our Projects

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Law Journal

The Journal, which was founded in November 2014 as a publication of the Student Academic Society, is organized by students and edited with the appropriate academic review procedure. Since 2015, it has been indexed in HeinOnline, the world’s largest legal database. The Journal was founded in November 2014.

You can access the Journal’s website.

Topchubashov Moot Court Competition

The Topchubashov Court Competition is a 3-round competition organized by the Student Academic Society, dedicated to the memory of Alimardan bey Topchubashov since 2016. In Azerbaijan, the competition based on national law and purely legal arguments has been carried out in accordance with the constitutional procedure since 2018.

You access the Competition’s website.

Khoyski Mediation Moot

The Khoyski Mediation Competition is a 3-round competition organized by the Student Academic Society, dedicated to the memory of Fatali Khan Khoyksi since 2020. The purpose of the competition is to encourage the formation of mediation traditions in our country and the development of students in this field.

You can access the Competition’s website.

Topchubashov Arbitration Moot

Since 2018, the Topchubashov Arbitration Competition is a 3-round competition dedicated to the memory of Alimardan Bey Topchubashov and organized by the Student Academic Society. The competition, being the first arbitration competition in our country according to international practice, aims to create conditions for Azerbaijani law students to work closely with arbitration, which is one of the alternative dispute resolution methods.

You can access the competition’s website.

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Legal Discussion Forum

The Legal Discussion Forum has been operating under the Student Academic Society since December 2013. Forums organized for the formation of legal speech, argumentation, and research skills are discussed around a predetermined topic.
You can access the Legal Discussion Forum website.

Junior Legal Research Scholars Research Assistant Program

The project is organized by the Student Academic Society and aims to create conditions for the development of legal research skills of Azerbaijani law students. In this context, the project involves local and foreign professors for the development of skills in legal research and working with a scientific supervisor.

You can access the Project’s website.

Moot Court Society

The Moot Court Society organizes and promotes various competitions for students to speak before the court, and to develop legal argumentation and defense skills. Topchubashov Court Competition, Topchubashov Arbitration Competition, and Khoyski Mediation Competition are organized under the coordination of the society. You can access the Society’s website.

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